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Age Zone Treatment

A revolutionary anti-aging treatment with vital ingredient from Pitaya (Dragon fruit) extract enriched in Vitamin C and powerful anti-oxidant ensuring an instant firming and lifting effect for a maximum anti-aging benefit. It enhances cells protection against free radicals, limits the damage of DNA and inhibits the activity of tyrosine induced by sun exposure. It simultaneously smoothens an strengthens the skin, visibly reducing fine lines, wrinkles and restoring the appearance of younger-looking and radiant skin.


  • Instant firming and lifting effect for maximized
  • Anti-oxidant, scavenge free radical, decelerate skin aging process 
  • Nourishing skin 
  • Maintain the normal interlink within the cell 
  • Protect against skin damage from UV rays 
  • Maintain the stability of blood flow promote micro blood circulation and lymphatic drainage while provide speedy healing effect


  • Gentle Cleanser Exfoliant
  • Regenerating Massage Cream
  • Age Zone Complex Age
  • Zone Firming Mask