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November 19, 2019
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November 19, 2019
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BB Cream Premium Selection

BB Cream Premium Selection 35ml

Cover Blemishes / Dark Spot & Uneven Skin Tone

BB Cream Premium Selection is a special blend to cover blemishes, dark spot and uneven skin tone. Finely produced to blend into skin giving you a flawless natural apperance. Provides a shield against UV and Harmful rays.

Main Ingredients

Purified Water
Titanium Dioxide Magnesium Sterate
Decyl Oleate
Isotearate Jojoba Oil
Butylen Glycil

Direction of Use

Apply a layer after cleansing and smoothn iy gently with fingers until fully absorbed. BB Cream Premium Selected is easily absorbed for an  appealing and natural.

Suitable For Normal / Combination skin


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