Milia Treatment Cream


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Milia Treatment Cream 15g

Eliminate / Prevent Oil Seed

A unique and potent cream specially created for removing milia seeds and cysts on the skin especially under eye area, cheek and nose. It gently sloughs off the dead cells, prevents clogging of pores and removes the milia seeds or cysts efficiently. It helps in balancing and controlling excessive of sebum secretion, thus reduces the formation of milia seeds and cysts. It repairs and smoothen the skin surface while restoring skin’s moisture for an anti-aging effect.

Main Ingredients

Beta Vulgaris (Beet) Root Extract
Sophora Flavescens Root Extract
Opuntia Streptacantha Stem Extract
Bacopa Monniera Extract
Ophiopogon Japonicus Root Extract

Direction of Use

After cleansing, apply on affected spot area followed by suitable eye care.  To be used day and night.

Suitable For All Skin Types


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