Rectifying Cream


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Rectifying Cream 15g

CalmingĀ  / Refreshing / Remove Excessive Sebum / Anti-bacterial

Specially formulated with various traditional chinese herbs particularly to fortify oily and acne skin, It helps in regulating sebum secretion while preventing pore clogging and refining pores. It provides effects of anti-bacteria and anti-septic, preventing acne prone, rectifying breakout, helps in soothing and healing of wounds. Skin hence restored to a healthy condition.

Main Ingredients

Salvua Miltiorrhizza
Angelica Sinensis (Dangkui)
Coptis Root
Royal Jelly

Direction of Use

After cleansing and toning, apply Rectifying Cream onto affected area. For optimum results, use sebum control / Acne Balancing before Rectifying Cream. To be used day and night

Suitable For Oily / Combination – Acne skin.


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