Refining Toner


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Refining Toner 150ml

Refreshing  / Reduce Sebum Control / Reduce Redness

A refreshing Refining Toner specially formulated for oily and acne skin, helps in regulating sebum secretion, refining pores, soothes sensitive skin with signs of redness and swell, with anti-septic effect to prevent infection, leaving skin fresh and calm.

Main Ingredients

Purified Water
Water Hazel
Disodium EDTA
Rosemary Extract
Chamomile Extract

Direction of Use

Spray the toner on a cleansed skin, gently pat dry. Alternately, spray on cotton wool and gently wipe on face, followed by suitable serum and treatment cream.

Suitable For Oily / Combination Skin – congested and acne skin.


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