Rose Floral Aqua Calming Spray


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Rose Floral Aqua Calming Spray 150ml

Refreshing / Rejuvenating

Rose Floral Calming Aqua Spray is enriched with anti-oxidant properties helps to strengthen skin cells, revitalize and regenerate skin tissues for waging skin. It moisturises skin in keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay and well hydrated. It soothes and repairs irritated and damaged skin while maintaining PH balanced, more refresh and toned.


Anti-oxidant ,strengthen skin cells
Revitalize and regenerate skin tissues
Refreshing ,toning and balance skin ph level
Repairs irritated and damaged skin

Main Ingredients

Rose Damascena Distillate – Soothes irritated skin and reduces the signs of aging
Witch Hazel Extract – Anti-inflammatories and tighten skin
Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Extract – Promotes radiance complexion

Direction of Use

Spray sparingly onto face and neck, pat dry followed by appropriate skin care. To be used day and night after cleansing.

Suitable For All Skin Types.


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