Tri-Blossom Nude Cushion SPF35


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Tri-Blossom Nude Cushion SPF35 15g

Multiple Skin Protector

A revolution Tri-Blossom Nude Cushion SPF35 with excellent adhesive creates a smooth coverage on skin. It composes of sun protecting factor and soothing properties which provides resilience and soothing effect, protects skin against UV rays and other pollutions. With high moisturising properties it features an illuminating and radiant look while keeping skin supple for the whole day.

Main Ingredients

Rosa (Rose Rugosa) Flower Extract
Hyaluronic Acid
Lemon (citrus Limon) Fuite Extract
Aloe Vera Extract
Purslane Extract
Pearl Powder
Cocoa Butter
Vitamin E

Direction of Use

After the application of an appropriate serum and moisturiser, gently pat on entire face and neck for an coverage. To be used as make-up foundation and sun protection.

Suitable For All Skin Type


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