Ultra Marine Toner


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Ultra Marine Toner 180ml

Refreshing / Revitalizing / Softening

An exquisite Ultra Marine Toner with high potency marine extract with advanced hydrating formula to create moisture through skin layers in order to combat dry and dehydrated skin. It contains cleansing, refreshing and restorative properties which helps in revitalizing, softening skin surface to enhance beneficial in penetrating of other skin cares. It protects vulnerable skin from damages, reduces inflammation and ensuring a balanced, hydrated and radiant skin.

Main Ingredients

Maris Aqua (Sea Water)
Sodium Citrate
Citric Acid
Algae Extract

Direction of Use

After cleansing, pour adequate amount on a cotton pad, gently wipe over face and neck followed by an appropriate serum and moisturizer. To be used day and night.

Suitable For Normal / Dry – Dehydrated Skin


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