Treatment Categories

Reparative Treatment

Introduction Reparative Treatment is a comprehensive pampering treatment based on scientifically advanced formulas from selective plant extracts specially to address the needs of sensitive skin such as stress-induced skin damage, consistent damage from hazardous environmental agents and signs of reactive skin caused by all angles. Based on the harmonious potent active ingredients facilitate the functions in Soothing, Repairing, Healing, Protecting, Stabilizing and Strengthening for a healthier and supple skin. 


● Soothe skin for anti-redness and anti-inflammatory.

● Repair and heal stress-induced skin damage on the internal and external skin layers.

● Protect skin from further damage by strengthening internal skin mechanisms.

● Calm, stabilize and relieve symptomatic skin irritation.

● Restore skin to a smooth, supple and healthier complexion. 


● Reparative Exfoliant

● Reparative Complex Gel

● Reparative Serum

● Optimal Calmative Mask

● Reparative Gentle Cream Mask