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Uniclear Acne Curative Treatment

UniClear – Acne Curative Treatment is based on highly potent herbal active ingredients and essential oils specially designed to treat oily and acne skin problems. Through Purification, Healing and Repairing processes, it can significantly restore a healthy and strong skin condition.


  • Powerful anti-bacterial action, prevent bacterial proliferation.
  • Reduction of sebum secretion.
  • Decrease the appearance of new comedones, acne-pron.
  •  Soften the comedones for making easy and effective extraction.
  • Anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and swell through calming agent.
  • Repair, promote healing and prevent acne scarring.


  • Acne Essential Oil
  • Curative Serum
  • Curative Solution
  •  Activating Mask